Saturday, July 17, 2010


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It is compulsory for KRS nationwide in Malaysia to wear their uniform every Wednesday during school hours. Officers (teachers) are required to do so too.

There are 4 types of KRS uniforms:
  1. Uniform No.1 - informal activity attire which is the KRS T-shirt with track bottoms.

  2. Uniform No. 2 - more formal activiti attire which is a half-uniform. The cap badge of the KRS beret is worn on the right side (other groups wear them on the left side).

  3. Uniform No. 3 - an optional uniform for students which consists of a light green smart shirt and slack pants or school uniform trousers (olive green). Officers normally chose to wear the Uniform No. 3 as it is more lightweight and airy.

  4. Uniform No. 4 - the official uniform of KRS. It is the most frequently used uniform. It consists of the Sherwood Dark Green long-sleeved smart shirt and trousers, beret, name tag, logos, collar dots, badges and lanyard. Additional items include a hackle for the beret, muffler and gloves. Boots are required when wearing the Uniform No. 4 and they include spike boots and drill boots (when drilling).

There are also bush jackets and ceremonial uniforms (pakaian istiadat) for high ranking KRS officers which are normally education officers.


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